I am a sophrologist.

I work with children and anybody who wants to make changes in their life and well being.
I am here to share with you the tools that have transformed my life.

After spending 5 years in India, I came back to the UK with a very different perspective of life and decided I would start looking after myself.

In fact I had been struggling with an auto-immune disease for 15 years before I finally met my naturopath who diagnosed me with Hashimoto disease. The different symptoms include: fatigue, loss of memory, sleep disorder, body pain, mood swings, teeth problems, digestive issues…

In this journey to find a way to live with my condition better, I changed my diet which had a big impact. I also realised the importance of being proactive and decided to explore the root of this disease. I was also keen to reduce my stress level. This is when I came across an inspiring video of Florence Parot on Sophrology. I was amazed by the energy and happiness that she was spreading and decided to enrol to the Sophrology Academy training.

The transformation brought by Sophrology in my life is huge: It helped me to deal with my mood swings.  As my thyroid does not work I could not control my emotions. I could become angry or upset suddenly and was not able to deal with it. It was a problem working with other people and even in my everyday life.

Today my life has changed a lot. Thanks to Sophrology I became resilient. I do not feel any anger anymore and do not get upset so often. It is one of my biggest battles.

I can live with the disease as a normal person most of the time. Having this condition make me realise I am stronger. It is a privilege to be able to understand people having the same condition. Having experienced the transformation and benefits in my life I want to share this powerful method with you.


- Sophrology practitioner from the Sophrology Academy (United Kingdom).

- Advanced Diploma of Sophrology by the FEPS officially registered in France with the Répertoire National de la Certification Professionnelle (RNCP level 3/European EQF level 5) 

trained by Florence Parot (Director of the Academy and president of the Fédération des Ecoles Professionnelles de Sophrologie FEPS) and Dorna Revie, Caycedian Sophrologist. She studied for many years with Dr. Alfonso Caycedo, the creator of the sophrology method, Dr Raymond Abrezol, the creator of sophrology for sport, Claudia Sanchez and Ricardo Lopez, creators of Sophro-Ludique and sophrology for children and many other sophrologists from different schools of sophrology.



- sophrology & Diabetes trained by Coralie Degradot ( French specialist of sophrology and diabetes and food disorders)

- sophrology & Cancer with Dr Marie-Andrée Auquier, médecin homéopathe acupuncteur micronutritioniste, formatrice en sophrologie sur le cancer.