It is a structured method based on breathing, simple movements, relaxation and concentration exercises.

Simple and easy to learn.

Adaptable for all ages and abilities.

It comes from the Greek SOS (harmony), PHREN (consciousness) and LOGOS (study).

Sophrology = the study of consciousness in harmony.

Alfonso Caycedo a neuro-psychiatrist professor created sophrology in the 60's. He blended western techniques (hypnotherapy, relaxation, phenomenology) and Eastern techniques as Yoga, Buddhist meditation and Japanese Zen).

A typical sophrology session:

In a sitting or standing position, eyes closed, I will guide you through a series of basic exercises.

You focus on your body and release the tensions.

You learn how to relax your entire body.

I will then guide you to specific exercises ( preparing for an event, performances, improving relationships...)

Exercises are chosen to address your specific needs.

The session can be recorded to practise at home.


Sophrology can be practised in:

One to One sessions (45 to 60 mins) 

Group classes (1 hour).

five to six sessions/classes are needed to master the basic techniques.

Clients are asked to practise the techniques every day for 10 to 20 minutes.

The more practice, the more efficient the techniques become.

Sophrology helps to reach  a body and mind harmony and deal positively with everyday challenges.