I have had weekly sessions with Anne-Laure to help me re-gain my confidence when riding my horse.  We have worked on a variety of techniques, such as breathing, visualisation, listening to your body and really thinking about how it feels, and recently she has been teaching me about anchoring.  I have followed her advice and practise them all regularly and it has really helped me re-gain my confidence.  I now look forward to riding my horse now. My sessions with Anne-Laure are very relaxing and enjoyable.  I love having the time to be still and think about nothing!  I highly recommend Anne-Laure and sophrology. 


Maidstone, KENT

Anne-Laure taught some sophrology sessions in our office which we found to be very helpful indeed. Anne- Laure took the time to investigate each person's individual goals from the sessions and tailored the exercises to help everyone who attended. With the emphasis on keeping on practicing to really benefit from the lessons, not just thinking that a few sessions would make a huge difference, she followed the course up by sending us some recordings so that we could continue to practice and build on the steps we had been taught. Her enthusiasm for the subject and care of each person who tried this new discipline is very impressive. Sophrology has given me the means to improve my ability to relax, to focus and feel calmer in challenging situations, to recognise the physical signs of any stress and take quick action to reduce this and boost my mood. Thank you Anne-Laure!

L. Oui-voyages

Maidstone, KENT

Jacob has become much more responsible over the year. He was not very organised at the beginning of the year, but has definitely developed over time and has a lot more concentration in class.

Phoebe has been a different child this year compared to last year. She has not had any friendships issues, is a very happy child in class and has made great progress in her learning.

Geri, year 6 teacher

Maidstone, Kent

The children have really enjoyed going to the sophrology course each week and always look forward to it. I have noticed a particular difference with one of my pupils who would sometimes find situations difficult to manage and become very angry quickly. He has been very settled recently and there have not been any issues with his behaviour or attitude.

Zara, year 6 teacher

Maidstone, KENT

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